VENUE: Mandurah Seniors and Community Centre, 41 Ormsby Terrace, Mandurah.

TIME: All presentations commence at 1.30 pm and finish at 3.30 pm, unless otherwise stated.

COST: Members $2 Visitors $3


September 2017

Date Topic Presenter/Host
01/09/17 Coffee morning: Nino’s Chris Baker
05/09/17 Current Events John Loveridge
06/09/17 Science and Engineering
London Sewers and Cesspits
During the 1800s London became awash with sewage, smells and disease. Bazalgette built an extensive system to pipe away waste which is still being used today.
Sheila Twine
07/09/17 People and Places
Elizabeth Gould –
wife of the famed botanist and probably the person behind most of the work.
Christine Norman
12/09/17 Committee Meeting: 1.30 pm Craft Room  
13/09/17 Australiana
Hubert Wilkins
–  Australia’s forgotten explorer, wartime photographer, long distance flyer and Arctic submariner.
David Smeeton
14/09/17 Music
The music and life of Jacques Offenbach
Christine Norman
19/09/17 General Interest
Middlemarch by George Elliot
Liz Rushton
20/09/17 Recollections
A favourite place you have lived.
Dee Squires
21/09/17 Travel
Felicity Aston
English explorer and former climate scientist. This intrepid woman walked alone across Antarctica pulling a sledge with all her supplies.
‘A Memorable Journey to Melbourne in 1992’.
The West Coast Eagles won the AFL premiership and Maria travelled back with the team and proudly held the cup.

Sheila Twine


Maria Lupp

26/09/17 General Meeting:  “Age is just a number” Dr. Trina Awyan
27/09/17 History
The American Civil War
– a look at the fascinating history of this decidedly “un”- Civil War
Geoff Roberts
28/09/17 Literature and Poetry
Learn how to write your own poetry, with award-winning poet, Roger Palmer.
Sheila Twine

October 2017

Date Topic Presenter/Host
03/10/17 Current events John Loveridge
04/10/17 The British Empire: Decline and Legacy Jim and June Barns
05/10/17 People and Places
Joan of Arc:
medical and historical matters concerning the Maid of Orleans
Cecil Rhodes and the Rhodesias (North and South):   his legacy

Dr. Jim Leavesley
Rory O’Brien

06/10/17 Coffee morning:  Nino’s Chris Baker
10/10/17 Committee meeting:  1.30 pm Craft Room
11/10/17 Australiana:
Sir Douglas Mawson and Antarctic exploration

“I can’t talk but I can still learn”
Successful methods in WA schools for children with special needs

Rory O’Brien

Judy Towers
12/10/17 Music
The music, life and times of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sheila Twine
17/10/17 General Interest

recalling the male and female robbers of the sea, from the Romans to the present

David Smeeton
18/10/17 Recollections: A travel story Dee Squires
19/10/17 Travel
The U3A trip to Prague
Sarawak:the country and its history

Christine Norman
Laurel Reid
24/10/17 General meeting: “Vulcan bomber to the Falklands” Adrian Lambourne
25/10/17 History
The Berlin Airlift:
 The why and how
The Astonishing “Amber Room” in St. Petersburg

Liz Rushton
Liz Whichello
26/10/17 Literature and poetry:
Learn to write your own poetry, with award-winning poet, Roger Palmer.
Sheila Twine
31/10/17 Current events replacing November 7th, Melbourne Cup Day John Loveridge

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