VENUE: Mandurah Seniors and Community Centre, 41 Ormsby Terrace, Mandurah.

TIME: All presentations commence at 1.30 pm and finish at 3.30 pm, unless otherwise stated.

COST: Members $2 Visitors $3


April 2019

Date Topic Presenter/Host
02/04/19 Brain Games: A fun way to keep the brain active and healthy as we get older. Liz Rushton
03/04/19 Science: John Dalton, Robert Boyle, Antoine Lavoisier – three scientists who between them gave us the foundations of our modern world of chemistry. Their insights into chemical structures allowed those who followed them to make the wonderful world of modern chemistry. Roy Done
04/04/19 People and Places: Milton and Dryden
John Milton was a poet who lived and worked in the real world during the English Civil War. He was a Republican, a Roundhead, and secretary to Oliver Cromwell, and produced his greatest work when blind.
Dryden was the first Poet Laureate. A contemporary of Milton, he penned marvellous satire on the foibles of the Restoration period under Charles II.
David Smeeton will bring some of both Milton and Dryden’s poetry back to life.
David Smeeton
05/04/19 Coffee morning: 10.00 am D’Lites Café, Dolphin Quay. Please note the venue. Pat Bentley
09/04/19 Committee meeting: 1.30 pm Craft room
10/04/19 Australiana: John Cyril Hawes, Priest and Architect.
An Anglican and then a Roman Catholic priest, after a lifetime of designing and building churches, especially in WA, he lived as a hermit in the Bahamas.
Liz Rushton
11/04/19 Music
Music for ANZAC Day.
World War Poetry
Christine Norman
Jan and Ross MacDonald
16 – 29/04/19 No sessions: School Holidays
30/04/19 General Meeting:   1:30 pm Craft Room
An exciting new project: The Nambeelup Park Complex
David Arkwright, Manager of Economic Development, Murray Shire

May 2019

Date Topic Presenter/Host
01/05/19 Science:   Tin mining and china clay Bob Colley
02/05/19 Music special:  Broadway musicals Geoff Roberts
03/05/19 Coffee morning: 10.00 am D’Lites Café, Dolphin Quay. Pat Bentley
07/05/19 Brain games:  A fun way to keep the brain active and healthy as we get older Liz Rushton
08/05/19 Australiana: Alister Clark – Rose, racehorses and daffodils Jan MacDonald
09/05/19 Music: Nationalism in Music – music by Chopin (Poland), Borodin (Russia), Grieg (Norway), Wagner (Germany) and others Jim Barns
14/05/19 Committee meeting:  1.30 pm Craft Room
15/05/19 Recollections:  When and why did you come to Mandurah? Dee Squires
16/05/19 Travel: Little Islands – Venice, Guernsey, Sark, Isle of Wight, Greek Islands Sheila Twine
21/05/19 General Interest: Restoration of a Rhodes Riley Truck Terry Joyce
22/05/19 History: Life on Earth from Bill Bryson Rory O’Brien
23/05/19 Art and Literature: Frank Lloyd Wright – Architect and husband, adulterer, progressive, reactionary, idealist, crook, crackpot, genius Jan MacDonald
28/05/19 General Meeting: 1:30 pm Craft Room
A speaker from Greenbatch
29/05/19 Fifth Wednesday
30/05/19 Fifth Thursday