VENUE: Mandurah Seniors and Community Centre, 41 Ormsby Terrace, Mandurah.

TIME: All presentations commence at 1.30 pm and finish at 3.30 pm, unless otherwise stated.

COST: Members $2 Visitors $3


June 2018

Date Topic Presenter/Host
01/06/18 Coffee Morning: D’Lights, Zephyr Mews, Mandurah Chris Baker
05/06/18 Current Events John Loveridge
06/06/18 Science: the past, the present, the future
Some of the special relationships between living things:
the way living things cooperate with each other, and some of the fascinating relationships between parasites and their hosts, and some of the very clever life histories these organisms have in order to survive.
Roy Done
07/06/18 People and Places:
The Province of English Gentlemen
John Cowan
12/06/18 Committee meeting: 1.30 pm Craft Room  
13/06/18 Australiana: Ted Egan and the Aborigines Geoff Roberts
14/06/18 Music: Cole Porter Geoff Roberts
19/06/18 General Interest:
Interior design:
Renovating and Refurbishing
Are you renovating or making changes? Then bring your plans to the session.  Also measure the furniture you want to move and let Robin show you how to prepare a floor plan, before you move it.
Robin Hunt
20/06/18 Recollections: Why did you come to live in Mandurah? Dee Squires
21/06/18 Travel:
Four fantastic regions of Italy
Vienna: a Baroque city

Dee Squires
Liz Rushton
26/06/18 General Meeting:   Strategies to maintain a healthy spine and the effects of poor posture on your health Dr. Bret Watson, Chiropractor
27/06/18 History: South America – Argentina and Chile Bob and Carol Simpkins
28/06/18 Art and Literature: Your favourite book or poem Ida Kramer
Margaret Garside

July 2018

There are no U3A sessions held in the first two weeks of July, due to parking problems at the Seniors Centre. The first event is a Christmas in July lunch on Wednesday 4th July, and the first session is Recollections on Wednesday 18th July.
Date Topic Presenter/Host
04/07/18 Lunch: Christmas in July
Where: Café Coast, 45 Rees Pl, Wannanup WA 6210
Cost:  3 courses, $32 or $35.    See sign-up sheet for details.
Dee Squires
06/06/18 Coffee Morning: D’Lights, Zephyr Mews, Mandurah Chris Baker
17/07/18 Committee meeting: 1.30 pm Craft Room
18/07/18 Recollections: Remembering a special family celebration Dee Squires
19/07/18 Travel: Adventures travelling around Europe in a campervan Ro Koenig
24/07/18 General meeting: Peel Harvey Catchment Council Jane O’Malley, CEO
25/07/18 History: Escape from Colditz Castle by Allied Prisoners of War, 1940 to 1945. Rory O’Brien
26/07/18 Art and Literature: Encaustic art, demonstration and ‘have a go’ Wilma Mann

August 2018

Date Topic Presenter/Host
01/08/18 Science: The Cosmos – the vastness of the universe Rory O’Brien
02/08/18 People and Places: 15th century England: the century in which Medieval history transformed into Modern history Jock Fyfe
03/08/18 Coffee Morning: D’Lights, Zephyr Mews, Mandurah Chris Baker
07/08/18 Current Events John Loveridge
08/08/18 Australiana: Judith Wright – poet, conservationist and activist Judy Towers
09/08/18 Music: bring two favourite short pieces on CD to play and explain why you want to share them the group
14/08/18 Committee meeting: 1.30 pm Craft Room
15/08/18 Recollections: A memory from your school days Dee Squires
16/08/18 Travel: The history of significant buildings on the Welsh-English border Christine Norman
21/08/18 General Interest: Micro organisms – these tiny life forms are capable of living in extreme conditions Roy Done
22/08/18 History: Some personal memories of War Service in Vietnam John Loveridge
23/08/18 Art and Literature: Encaustic art, demonstration and ‘have a go’ Sheila Twine
28/08/18 General meeting: Earthquake in India Joe Barr

September 2018

Date Topic Presenter/Host
04/09/18 Current Events John Loveridge
05/09/18 Science: Our earth – delving into the earth’s history Rory O’Brien
06/09/18 People and Places: Henry Ford – his amazing life and work on all things mechanical, including his revolutionary production-line method of manufacturing cars for the masses Liz Whichello
07/09/18 Coffee Morning: D’Lights, Zephyr Mews, Mandurah Chris Baker
11/09/18 Committee meeting: 1.30 pm Craft Room
12/09/18 Australiana: The Overlanders – the early days of Australian exploration and stock droving across the outback, with legendary characters such as boss drover Matt Savage, Nat Buchanan and others Geoff Roberts
13/08/18 Music: bring two favourite short pieces on CD to play and explain why you want to share them the group
18/09/18 General Interest: TBA
19/09/18 Recollections Dee Squires
20/09/18 Travel: Little Islands – a visit to the islands of Croatia in the Adriatic and to the Isles of Scilly off the South Western tip of the UK Sheila Twine
25/09/18 General meeting: Small arms in the American Civil War Terry Weston, JP,
Perth Muzzle Loading Club
26/09/18 History: Walter Sickert and Jack the Ripper Jo Kreibich
27/09/18 Art and Literature: TBA

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