VENUE: Mandurah Seniors and Community Centre, 41 Ormsby Terrace, Mandurah.

TIME: All presentations commence at 1.30 pm and finish at 3.30 pm, unless otherwise stated.

COST: Members $2 Visitors $3


February 2019

Date Topic Presenter/Host
05/02/19 General Meeting:   The future of the Mandurah Peel Area Speaker:
Arkwright, Manager of economic development, Murray Shire
06/02/19 Science: Galileo, Copernicus and Kepler. These people gave us a new view of the heavens and the Solar System, and risked their lives and freedom to do so. Roy Done
07/02/19 People and Places: Edna Walling, Garden Designer:  Strong, independent & unconventional Jan MacDonald
12/02/19 Committee meeting 1.30 pm Craft Room
13/02/19 Learning Workshop:   How to compile presentations Christine Norman et al
14/02/19 Music:   Broadway Musicals Geoff Roberts
19/02/19 St. John Ambulance presentation:   First Aid and CPR    1.30 pm Craft Room John Loveridge
20/02/19 Recollections:    A Book or film that has made a great impression. Dee Squires
21/02/19 Travel:  My African Safaris Christine Norman
26/02/19 General Meeting:  Mosquitos in Mandurah! Speaker:
Scott Severn,  Senior Mosquito Operations Officer,
City of Mandurah
27/02/19 History:
The Magna Carta: the second most valuable document in the world
Caroline Chisholm: Philanthropist and Emigrant’s Friend

Valerie Taylor

Christine Norman

28/02/19 Art and Literature:  Public Art in Western Australia Christine Norman

March 2019

Date Topic Presenter/Host
01/03/19 Coffee morning:  10.00 am D’Lites Café, Dolphin Quay Chris Baker
05/03/19 Brain Games:   A fun way to keep the brain active and healthy as we get older Liz Rushton
06/03/19 Science:  Charles Lyell, James Hutton, Nicholas Steno, and Alfred Wegener were observers of the Earth who gave us new insights into how our planet was formed Roy Done
07/03/19 People and Places:  Benjamin Franklin Judy Towers
12/03/19 Committee meeting 1.30 pm Craft room
13/03/19 Australiana:  R.M. Williams – his life and “the inner man” Hep Powell
14/03/19 Music: Ralph Vaughan Williams the life and music of the English composer Christine Norman
19/03/19 General interest: Can the USA and China avoid the Thucydides Trap?
We consider the steps that the US and China must take to avoid disaster
Jim Barns
20/03/19 Recollections: A hobby or special interest you have had Dee Squires
21/03/19 Travel: Buenos Aires – including Eva Peron Carol Simpkins
26/03/19 General Meeting, followed by  the
27/03/19 History:
Winston Churchill:  1943 to his death and state funeral in 1965

Peter Walters
28/03/19 Art and Literature: Guernica by Picasso Sheila Twine

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