VENUE: Mandurah Seniors and Community Centre, 41 Ormsby Terrace, Mandurah.

TIME: All presentations commence at 1.30 pm and finish at 3.30 pm, unless otherwise stated.

COST: Members $2 Visitors $3


August 2019

Date Topic Presenter/Host
01/08/19 People and Places: The extraordinary talent and music of Carol King & Phil Spectre Bob Simpkins
06/08/19 General Interest: Facts about Cornwall including a poet, a pilot, a dance
(John Betjeman, Guy Gibson, the Floral Dance)
Bob Colley
07/08/19 Special: Colour vision, facts and fallacies.
My son’s unique condition and how well he copes
Dr. David Hunt, Ophthalmologist
Kaylee Freeman
08/08/19 Australiana: The intriguing diverse Geology of Western Australia Rory O’Brien
09/08/19 Coffee morning: Seafood Nation (formerly Nino’s), Mandurah Marina Pat Bentley
13/08/19 Committee meeting: 1.30 pm Craft room
14/08/19 Requested encores: The underrated Australian explorer Hubert Wilkins and The life and works of Rudyard Kipling David Smeeton
15/08/19 Travel: A journey round the fascinating city of Buenos Aires;  the life and legacy of Eva Peron Carol Simpkins
20/08/19 Science: Some common Science myths, believed by many, but completely untrue! Roy Done
21/08/19 Recollections: Show and tell. We invite you to bring an item with an interesting history for you Dee Squires
22/08/19 Current events: a round table discussion on this month’s thought-provoking news Ross MacDonald
27/08/19 General Meeting: Watch your step, and ways to protect yourself Cat Menier, a local physio
28/08/19 History: Malawi – Living and teaching in the country Roy Done
29/08/19 Fifth week special: Thurlestone, South Devon – a special place David Smeeton

September 2019

Date Topic Presenter/Host
03/09/19 General Interest:  Political philosophy
How political thinking has changed from “ancient to modern times.”
Rory O’Brien
04/09/19 Requested encores:  West Australian Public Art Part 2
Who is it, what does it mean, in King’s Park, Fremantle and along the WA coastal areas.
Christine Norman
05/09/19 People and Places: Their travels through Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe; and through Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa Bob and Carol Simpkins
06/09/19 Coffee morning: 10.00 am at Seafood Nation (formerly Nino’s), Mandurah Marina Dee Squires
10/09/19 Committee meeting: 1.30 pm Craft room
11/09/19 Presenters from other U3A’s:
The History of Rottnest
Australia’s Northern Territory:   unique and surprising adventures

Peter Alcock
Rory O’Brien
12/09/19 Australiana: The history, poems and music of shearers Geoff Roberts
17/09/19 Science: Scientific ideas and scientists who were VERY WRONG Roy Done
18/09/19 Recollections:  Where were you when man landed in the moon? Dee Squires
19/09/19 Travel: Little Islands number 3 – Elba, Monte Carlo, Marshal, Galapagos, Devil’s Island Sheila Twine
24/09/19 General meeting:  Debate – 3 students from Halls Head College and 3 members from U3A .  The subject to remain a mystery! Pat Bentley
25/09/19 History:  The life and works of Roald Dahl David Smeeton
26/09/19 Current events: Come and discuss this month’s news with other members Ross MacDonald