Presented by: David Smeeton, Sheila Twine with Margaret Garside, Ida Kramer, Sam McDonald, Joan Robinson
Review written by: Sheila Twine

Members from Bunbury U3A were welcomed as were family and other guests.

Roald Dahl:


A full house enjoyed a hilarious presentation by David Smeeton, relating Roald’s varied life and reciting his adult and children’s humorous verse. Members were introduced to his many children’s stories, his life as a war ace pilot, plus his time as a spy for the allied side. Laughter was the theme of the show and David delivered in his usual, professional and winning  way.

Charlotte Brontё and her famous sisters, Emily and Anne:

592-charlotte-bronte Charlotte  592-emily-bronte Emily  592-anne-bronte Anne

The mood changed from one of hilarity to the tragic and short lives of the Brontё family introduced by Sheila Twine. Four other U3A members took part in presenting information and readings from the literary Brontё sisters. Joan Robinson read a poem by Anne Brontё , Margaret Garside read from Charlotte’s Jane Eyre, and Ida Kramer gave us a glimpse of Emily through her Wuthering Heights. Lastly, Sam McDonald summed up the family’s legacy to English literature in the 19th century.