Hosted by: Margaret Garside and Ida Kramer
Review written by: Margaret Garside

For our Literature Group’s last play reading for this year we read through Act Two of David Williamson’s ‘After the ball’ published in 1997.   In this play he has created a family scenario of Australian suburban family life from the 1960s to the 1990s dealing with the aspirations, disappointments and realities of family life .  Even though it is about a family being united  at their dying mother’s bedside, it brings out their memories, painful and humorous, and how these differ as children age into adults compared with those of their parents.

It is in fact an elegy for two generations of an Australian family and how lifestyles and outlooks become further apart but emphasizes the need for reconciliation at this sad time of people’s lives.  It could have been an unhappy play but as usual with David Williamson’s skill as an author we all had plenty of giggles and  thoroughly enjoyed it.