Speaker: Wilma Mann
Review written by: Jo Kreibich

At the October General meeting our guest speaker was Wilma Mann, a keen family history devotee and writer who instructed  and entertained us with her belief in the importance of writing one’s own family history before we ourselves become history.

Everybody has a story to tell. How we tell it is our choice. Write it, video it, tell it – record it somehow before it is too late. My own father suggested I ask him anything I might want to know about our family; “Can’t ask me when I’m gone!” he used to say. How I wish I had taken the opportunity and how vividly his words came back to me during Wilma’s excellent presentation.

Wilma invited us to relate a story about ourselves, a story we had never spoken of to anybody else – ever.  At first the audience was slow to respond but as each tale was told more were queuing up to add theirs proving, as Wilma said, that we all have a story to tell.

The hardest part of recording one’s family history is getting started. After that, it seems difficult to stop.

So take up your pens and leave your descendants a record to peruse, learn from and cherish.

Thankyou Wilma for such a rewarding hour