Hosted by: Ida Kramer and Margaret Garside
Review written by: Ida Kramer

Our subject this month was to discuss a book or author of our own choice. This resulted in lively views on several books and authors.

Sue Grafton, born in the US, wrote “P is for Peril”. Grafton always writes well, with a moral to her tales. She uses very good descriptions of scenery and people.

Bill Bryson wrote a critique on Shakespeare’s writings. We found out that the grave-digger in Hamlet was actually about 30 years old, because people had always thought he was about 17 or 18.

Thornton Wilder, born in the US but lived in Shanghai. He wrote “The Matchmaker” as well as many short plays. He also wrote a simple story about four people who died in a Peruvian rope bridge collapse in 1740, “The Bridge of San Luis Rey”. The narrator is a monk, trying to find why each of those four characters had been chosen by God to die.

Clive Cussler, whose book “Treasure“ was promoted as a good read.

Mary Higgins Clark wrote a novel about kidnapped twins who communicate via brain waves, called “Two Little Girls in Blue”.

Maeve Binchy wrote about small town life in Ireland. Her books are pleasant reading about Irish family life.

Peter Stephanovic published his memoir “Hack in a Flak Jacket” in August this year. As a war correspondent, he was often in danger in war zones. He was deeply affected by his time in Iraq and also by the massacre of the young people in Norway, labelled a “terrorist attack” for “creating extreme fear”.

Mark Twain’s books, about Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, were fondly remembered as being read to a class in a small country school.

Jim Leavesley, who is a local published author, wrote “More Mere Mortals”, dedicated to his teacher, Lewis Illingworth.

“The Tale of the Axe” by David Miles was an interesting read about archaeology, hunter-gathers and the spread of early domesticated animals, particularly the dog, which descended from the Eurasian Grey wolf.

Many thanks to all those who contributed to an interesting and informative meeting.