Chaired by:  Jo Kreibich
Review written by: Valma Francis and Jo Kreibich

At the 2015 Annual Q&A event, held following the August General Meeting, members enjoyed an excellent Question and Answer session.

Thanks go to our panel host, Jo Kreibich U3A Coordinator, and the four panel members DAVID TEMPLEMAN, BRUCE MOORE, SHEILA TWINE and FRED RIEBELING,  all of whom have proudly worn mayoral/shire presidential chains of office in their excellent dedication to the Peel region.

We especially thank Fred who stepped in at the eleventh hour to replace Paddi Creevy who could not be there due to illness. U3A wishes Paddi a speedy recovery and thank her for enlisting Fred.

During the session we were entertained with laughter and also serious subjects such as retirement living options; drinking water shortages; repairing the mess humans have made of our planet; euthanasia; the Magna Carta;  compulsory voting; the need for a Peel region crematorium; global warming and the effects of rising sea levels on Mandurah properties.

On the lighter side panellists were asked what did they do in the first weeks after off-loading their chains;  they were invited to relate a funny moment in their term of office; and the final question asked the panellists to look back on their term of office and share with us their finest achievement.

Following the session David, Bruce, Sheila and Fred continued to talk to members over afternoon tea.  It was indeed a most successful event.