Presented by: Jo Kreibich
Review by: Pat Bentley

This presentation focused on Italy. We visited the early Roman Empire including Pompeii, the medieval city of Assisi, Modena, city of Verona, Milan which featured paintings by Leonardo De Vinci and gained information on the coast of Amalfi. We heard about the world’s first Botanical Garden of 1545 and the fascinating Rhaetian railway which was constructed to join settlements in the Alps.

During the second half of the presentation we viewed a video on Venice, with discussion on aspects that the ordinary tourist may not experience, then on to St Petersburg, concentrating on composers but showing wonderful architecture.

It was a wonderful and thought provoking presentation and our thanks to Jo for bringing this ancient historical presentation to life.

St. Petersburg Church of the Spilled Blood 3 (203x270)

The Church of the Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg