Sustainability –  Guest Speaker: Cameron Power

Review written by: John Cowan

The guest speaker at our July General Meeting was Cameron Power who represents the not-for-profit group, Sustainable Energy Now. We

User comments

User comments

were impressed with his information-packed talk pointing out and clearly explaining, the main causes and results of global climate change.

As a qualified engineer he is able to speak with authority about the process whereby heat energy is aided by, or prevented from, breaking through Earth’s relatively thin protective atmosphere. The result of burning fossil fuels during recent centuries is an atmospheric CO2 value of 400 ppm. A normal value would be more like 275 ppm.

With a view to preventing disaster for future generations, Cameron suggests we deepen our commitment to wind-power and solar energy. We must raise our voices against the merely 8% of climate deniers and make all our politicians hear!

Cameron is pictured with a member of the audience, Ann Templeman.


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