Presented by: Margaret Garside and Ida Kramer

Review written by: Ida Kramer

On Thursday 26 March we read from “The Norman Conquests Trilogy” by Alan Ayckbourn.486.Literature

“Living Together” is the second play in the trilogy, and we found it a fast moving, funny, entertaining piece. While reading we could picture in our mind’s eye the characters parts being performed by Penelope Keith and Richard Briars who had played the leads in a televised version.

Alan Ayckbourn sets his stories in English villages, usually portraying three couples and their day to day lives in humorous situations. He deals gently with human frailty so we found plenty to smile at and much we could relate to and recognise.  He mentioned the town of Hastings, having special reference to the name of the plays “The Norman Conquest” which gave us a nudge to History, Hastings being preferred to East Grinstead as a place to spend a romantic assignation. We found out that Norman, one of the characters, who enjoys trying to make conquests with the female members of the group, gets himself into all sorts of bother, but all in good humour.

The play was an enjoyable, light-hearted romp that we all enjoyed.

Thanks to all those helpers who made for a smooth running session, and thanks to all who participated in the play reading, it was fun.

Next month we will be talking about a book of our own choice. We can choose a novel, a historic story, autobiography or even a short story, whatever you fancy to share and discuss.


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