Presented by: John Pratt

Review written by: Patricia Bentley

481.Walrus Wrangel IslandWalruses on Wrangel Island

This session covered the flora and fauna natural heritage sites of Eastern Europe and was simply spectacular. Many of the areas have not experienced extensive human contact so the scenery remains untouched and is extremely beautiful. Some absolutely wonderful hidden gems emerged and one would hope they remain hidden to human hands so as not to destroy such an amazing wealth of beauty.

From the very diverse and interesting landscapes of Russia, crossing nine time zones to the volcanoes of Kamchatka, which has a total of 29 active volcanoes, to the Skocjan Caves in Slovenia, that has the largest known underground system, one just continued to be overawed by the continuing wealth of information that John presented. The absolute breathtaking scenery just took your breath away.

The fauna in these remote areas was equally astounding. The Himalayan Bear, the Danube Delta with over 300 species of birds and 45 species of fish, the largest population of Bison in Poland, the world’s largest population of Walrus at the Wrangel Island reserve and the list goes on. The snow leopard, rare polecat, major reindeer migration – all truly amazing.

If you could not attend, please make sure you are at the April presentation as you will certainly not be disappointed and if you would like to read up on the UNESCO Natural Heritage sites, just get into their website. Certainly a most interesting program.


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