Presented by: Christine Norman

Review written by: Liz Rushton475.76trombones


About 20 members assembled on Wednesday 25 February to exercise our vocal chords in Singing for Pleasure, organised by Christine Norman.  Christine did a great job with music and words for 13 popular songs, most of which we knew from our youth!  We did our best to sing in tune, not all of us with great success, but we all had a good time.  Thank you, Christine, for a most enjoyable afternoon.  But beware, we are planning to present some of the songs as entertainment at the 25th birthday lunch.

Among the songs were:
“No business like show business “
“Puppet on a string “
“Seventy six trombones “
“Walking back to happiness”
“Country roads“
“Thank you for the music”
And we finished on a patriotic note with: “I am Australian”.


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