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26/03/15      464. Adventures in Literature – The Norman Conquests
                      Presented by: Margaret Garside and Ida Kramer
11/03/15    463. UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Eastern Europe
                     Presented by: John Pratt
03/03/15    462. Art History – Hieronymus Bosch
                     Presented by: Liz Rushton
26/02/15    461. Adventures in Literature – The Evolution of Language
                     Presented by: Ida Kramer and Margaret Garside
25/02/15    460. Singing for Pleasure
                     Presented by: Christine Norman
18/02/15     459. People and Places – Contrasts: Ataturk & Hussan Jimea
                     Presented by: Sheila Twine
11/02/15    458. UNESCO World Heritage Sites
                     Presented by: Jo Kreibich and John Pratt
03/02/15  457.Art History – Medieval & Gothic Art
                     Presented by: Carol Wauchope