Presented by:  Christine Norman
Review written by: Sheila Twine

On Thursday 28 February, Christine gave members and guests an entertaining and informative session on the wide variety of Public Art in Perth and surrounds.

She told us that 1% of construction costs of any development – eg. buildings and Mining – which are over $1,000,000 must be spent on artworks for public view. This is why WA has a substantial and growing catalogue of sculptures and murals. So many in fact that Christine is to do a second segment later in the year covering Mandurah and Fremantle.

She showed us bronzes, steel constructions, concrete and marble, plus the tall obelisk of chunks of minerals from mines in WA.   We saw the humorous hand-standing bronze of Percy Buttons in Hay St, and the most recent huge green ‘blobby’ structure in Forest Place.

We went on a trail in Burswood seeing many sculptures by Joan Walsh-Smith and Charles Smith, including Paddy Hannan with his wheel barrow in search of gold, Mary Durack reading under a sunshade, children playing hopscotch and the magnificent black swans rising from the lake. We all thought this was well worth a visit, especially as ‘Yagan’ was just along the Causeway.

We launched into the countryside and saw public art portraying the history of Moora, Mingenew, Carnamah and Norseman. We viewed the wheat silo art from places like Newdegate and Ravensthorpe.   In Byford we saw numerous works by Len Zuks, showing farming, kangaroos, and trotting horses.

We even got a sneak preview of our own Meri Forrest’s sculpture of Red Dog, which will form part of Christine’s second presentation.

A thoroughly entertaining afternoon – thanks Christine. I am looking forward to the