Presented by: Ida Kramer and Margaret Garside
Review written by: Ida Kramer

The meeting opened with a greeting to visitors and friends by Margaret Garside.

The focus this month was on poetry, both written and shared by members, or favourite poetry written by other authors.

David Smeeton introduced Roger Palmer, a local published writer and a member of the Mandurah City Choral Society, who was willing to recite some of his own work and entertain us about writers and poetry in general.  Some of Roger’s poems were, “The Music Director”, “The Electric Kite”, “Henry Gurr’s School Days”, “M.C.C.S.” and “Beside the Seaside”.

We continued hearing several other examples of original poetry, one by a relative of one of our members, called “Grandpa’s Dream”.  “Memories of Primary School Days” was also enjoyed.  We heard an amusing piece, “The Tongs” by Pam Ayres, and were entertained with “The Frog” and “Our Very Own O.B.E.” (Over Bloody Eighty!).

Next we shared some perhaps more recognisable verses, such as, “My Country”, “Women of the West”, “A Bush Christening”, “Abu Ben Adam”, “The Ages of Man” and one written in the 1840’s named “The Asylum” (which would not be politically correct nowadays).

We closed with an anonymous piece, a grandparent’s, “Pearls of Wisdom”.

It was suggested that we could perhaps call for expressions of interest by members who would enjoy learning more about how to write a poem.  We could organise a teaching and try-out session.  No obligation, just to polish our skills and enjoy the challenge.  Sheila would be willing to bring up the idea at the Planning Meeting.

It is the enjoyment of, and the sharing of our favourite poetry that brings us back to the Poetry Session every time.