Presented by: Bob and Carol Simpkins
Review written by: Bob and Carol Simpkins

Bob and Carol Simpkins’ recent travels in South America; Part 1.
(August 2016 to December 2016)

Bob started the presentation off, starting 2 weeks into their trip at Arica Chile en route to Bolivia. He lightly touched on some of Bolivia’s history, explaining that they wanted to acclimatise to the high altitude of La Paz in preparation for their upcoming 4 day hike up the Machu Picchu trail. He then showed some quirky photos of around La Paz.

      A condor drying its 3.5 metre wing span after rain  

He then jumped over Peru, leaving that country for the upcoming part 2 of the presentation and resumed their free-lance travels in Ecuador, where they got around using public buses. Many highlights included the raptor rescue centre at Otavalo, the “Devils Nose railway” as featured in most great train journeys of the world documentaries. He also told the story of being locked inside a chocolate factory, because the staff had gone home for siesta.

  (Cyttaria darwinii) A golf ball size fungi growing in, Tierra del Fuego National Park, Chile

Carol spoke on the super stunning area of Patagonia that straddles both Chile and Argentina. Of Charles Darwin’s influence in the area; of visiting multiple, but different glaciers and of catching the local working boat (Navigmag Ferry) for four days, sailing up the Chilean Fjords with its super stunning scenery.

 The Perito Moreno glacier. Argentina. 1 of 3 in the world that is advancing.