Hosted by: Margaret Garside and Ida Kramer
Review written by: Ida Kramer

We found quite a large proportion of our favourite authors wrote about crime, and the solving of crimes.
Sue Grafton was a prolific writer who wrote crime novels, the titles of which ranged through the alphabet from A to Z. Our member chose “V for Vengeance.”
James Patterson and Mary Higgins Clark wrote detective and spy type stories which could be summed up as ‘expect the unexpected’.
Naturally Agatha Christie deserved a mention and Alexander McCall Smith wrote “The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency.”

This work is full of great description and very sympathetic to the African people, being set in Africa.
In contrast to this style we have May Finchy, who wrote gentle, peaceful short stories.
Historian and Archaeologist, Professor Michael Wood wrote about “The  Domesday Book”, a survey commissioned for taxation purposes in 1086 by William the Conqueror.
Alistair Cook spent 35 years as a correspondent and his “Letters From America” have a unique style that we all admire.
Highly recommended was “The Old Wives Tale” by Arnold Bennett, set in Yorkshire but writing about the Franco Prussian War and social conditions in France and England.
Bryce Courtney wrote historical novels and was banned as a Communist when he came to Australia.
Another historical novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, was about the treatment of slaves in the 1850’s, by Harriett Beecher Stowe. A quote from that time attributed to Lincoln, half seriously, was “You were the little woman who started the war”.
A social and political writer, Graham Green, whose experiences as a correspondent in French Indochina during 1951-54, wrote “The Quiet American” and “The Power and the Glory”.
A more modern book was Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mocking Bird” and the sequel, “To Set a Watchman” were discussed with members putting forward differing views about the latter.
Both old-time and newer members said they learned so much from one another that we all felt that we would not have missed the opportunity to share our favourite books and authors.
Thanks to all who participated.