Guest Speaker: Police Sergeant Paul TRIMBLE.

Review written by:  Sheila Twine


Police Sergeant Paul Trimble addressed members of Mandurah U3A on various aspects of safety both in the house and out on the street.  He told us that seniors were actually the safest group in society because we were more security conscious and took care to lock doors and windows.  Seniors are also more careful with their possessions and keep handbags and wallets under strict supervision. 469. Paul Trimble 26May15 480x270

He had a few sensible suggestions, such as having security screens to allow doors to be left open for breeze in the summer.  He told us how offenders often knock on doors during daylight hours to find out if anyone is home. He said – Don’t open the door – simply call out,  “Come back tomorrow, my husband is asleep after night duty”.  That should send the would-be thief off.  A break-in during the night could be averted with a simple loud alarm by the bed.  Again this is a good deterrent.

Sergeant Paul also warned us about telephone scams, and gave us all a ‘little black book’ to help.  He also gave us each a whistle on a lanyard for around our necks to alert attention and scare off attackers, plus a fridge magnet with police, emergency and crime-stoppers numbers.

It was a very valuable hour and members appreciated his practical advice.  He was thanked on behalf of members by Jo Kreibich, our co-ordinator (pictured).



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