Presented by: Ida Kramer and Margaret Garside
Review written by: Ida Kramer

On Thursday 23 June, our Adventures in Literature group discussed our own choice of a book or novel. This approach brought forward different views of a wide range of varied books and authors. The idea was to talk about the books we have individually enjoyed, and share our enthusiasm for both the subjects and authors of these books.

The writers, and the books we spoke of, ranged over centuries, countries and topics.  Here is a list of some of the authors we spoke of:
547.Literature 2                         547.Literature 3

Lin Yutang from China; Bill Bryson; Gail Tsukiyama; Alan Bennett; Jeffrey Archer; Paula Hawkins; Robert Lacey (who co-wrote with Danny Danziger a novel called, “The Year 1000”); Giles Milton’s historic novels set in Japan, America and the East Indies; Al Gore; George Negus (writing about the Middle East before 9/11); the Alistair Cook series written in 1972; and our own Rosie Batty and Ruth Cracknell (a story told through her diary).

It was a stimulating and informative session that resulted in some members exchanging their favourite books within the group.  It was lovely to see our three new people thoroughly enjoying themselves!

We feel our aim was achieved in spades, so thanks to all who participated.